About Us

Diana Pasquali, owner and nutritional chef, lives in Rockridge, Oakland. She received culinary training at Bauman College's natural chef program in Berkeley. She loves to cook hearty, wholesome meals with fresh produce, and has studied postnatal nutrition. Her favorite things to make aren't fancy: chicken soup, grain salads, sweet potato fries, granola, and anything chocolate. When she's not cooking, she's a progressive nonprofit consultant and busy mom. She is originally from southern California and lives with her husband and toddler daughter, with a baby boy on the way.

* Please note that her maternity leave will start January 2016, but our other chefs and colleagues will be available to cook.


Linda Liang, chef. Linda is a graduate of the Natural Chef program at Bauman College. A native of Taiwan, she grew up among the bustling sights and smells of the island nation's "wet" markets and delectable street food. After a decade-plus long career in nonprofit marketing, Linda decided to pursue her goal of bringing fresh, seasonal, and healthful foods into the kitchens of Bay Area families. But she won't turn down the occasional serving of her favorite foods: noodles, dumplings, and ice cream.


What We Do

We are personal chefs who will deliver you delicious meals, come to your home to cook for you, teach you how to cook, or support you in your kitchen in whatever way you need.  We work with you one-on-one, and all of our services are customized and tailored specifically to you.  We cook for lots of dietary needs, allergies, and health conditions, and can create menus that are Paleo, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, or whatever you'd like to meet your health goals. We have a special focus on recipes that support women's healing after childbirth, so our services make a great gift for new families. 

Our Ingredients

We use all-organic ingredients. We pack our meals full of nutrient-dense ingredients: broths, nuts, seeds, a rainbow of organic veggies, and fresh herbs.  We can soak and sprout our whole grains upon request.  We use natural sweeteners like honey and maple syrup instead of refined sugars and often will use almond, coconut, or quinoa flour to replace white, refined flour to make our food more digestible and nutritious.  We source the highest quality meats and broths from Berkeley Bowl and the Local Butcher.  We are committed to supporting our local farmers and businesses.

How It Works

We currently serve the San Francisco, Berkeley, and Oakland areas. The first step is to email us so that we can know individually how we can help you.  For personal chef services, we will email you a customized menu and work with your schedule a cook day. You will then be left with a fridge full of amazing food! 

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