Personal Chef Services

Our Cooking

Bee & Biscuit chefs have a background in nutritional cooking. We use local, fresh, organic ingredients and specialize in creating customized menus for any health needs you have. We cook using high quality oils, natural sweeteners, and gluten-free grains when requested. We work out the menu with each client so that everything is customized to your favorite foods, nutritional goals, and dietary needs. Gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo or vegan: we can easily create a menu to fit your needs. We shop as much as possible from local farmers markets. For our personal chef work, we can prep, cook, package meals in your kitchen or we can cook in our kitchen and deliver the meals (many moms of newborns prefer this), and leave you with a fridge full of goodies. 

Prenatal & Postnatal Cooking 

We do stock-the-freezer sessions for expecting families - to get your freezer full of nutritious soups, stews, casseroles, breads, and more before the baby arrives and you have your hands full! We specialize in postnatal nutrition, creating meals that are ideal for recovery after childbirth and optimized for breastfeeding moms.  

Pricing & Packaging

Please note that we are currently at capacity for weekly clients in the East Bay, and can only take additional weekly clients in San Francisco! However, we can do a one-time (or two) big-batch delivery, monthly deliveries, or stock-the-fridge session. The cost ranges based on ingredients - from about $450 - $550 depending on how much meat is in the menu. The price includes menu creation, shopping, cooking, delivery, and results in about 22-26 quarts of food, or about 10-12 dinners for 2 adults. We cook in big batches so that each dish lasts more than one meal, so the menu is usually about 4-5 dishes total. To store and transport the food, we use glass mason jars and parchment-lined boxes. 

Gift Certificates

We have gift certificates available and can create custom gifts easily - just contact us and we'll tell you how.

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